Nothing is 100% eco-friendly or sustainable but some products are less harmful than others. Start buying print-on-demand products with my unique prints. I have no stock. It is good for the environment. Update your wardrobe with clothing made of sustainable fabric or material e.g. 100% organic cotton or recycled polyester. 

My supplier Printful is focusing on sustainability. Although there’s still a long way to go, they have made it one of their goals to become more environmentally friendly.

Printful is a made-to-order service. They only make the products that are actually bought. This is a step towards more sustainable fashion production.

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This year, they tested numerous plastic packaging alternatives and saved many kg of plastic. They also added new eco-friendly products to their catalog. They have opened several facilities across the globe to fulfill orders closer to the customers and reduce carbon emissions from logistics.

They use water-based inks for their main printing method - DTG (direct-to-garment) - and environmentally friendly Epson inks for posters.

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Recycled polyester
Recycled polyester is made by crushing plastic products into small pieces. These small pieces are then processed into yarn, transformed into a fiber, and in the end—made into a fabric. Recycled polyester (rPET for short) is a fabric that’s produced from synthetic fibers. Recycled polyester is produced by recycling existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.

Sustainable packaging materials 
Printful recently started using bags made of post-consumer recycled plastics for all apparel orders shipped from their in-house facilities. The share of recycled plastic per bag depends on each facility, but it’s at least 50% for the outside (white or grey) packaging and at least 30% for the inside (clear) bags that are used in multi-item shipments.

PCR packaging protects the products just as well as the virgin plastic bags, and they look almost the same. However, choosing PCR plastic over virgin plastic is the right thing to do to minimize the environmental impact plastic has on our planet.


Eco-friendly product collection
Printful eco-friendly product collection consists of items that are made of at least 30% sustainable, recycled, or biodegradable materials.

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