My name is Camilla Clausen. I have been working in international sales and business development for 30 years and done business in about 30 countries world wide. Back in 2014 my life needed change. I learned that I had to live my life from the inside and out instead from outside and in, where I had lived most of my life. I started so to say a “new life” back then.

I quitted my well paid job, as I wanted to live a purposeful life 360° - a life lived from the heart and with passion and started a Coaching and Trauma business in 2016.

To help and assist myself on this personal journey I started to create quotes. I started doing it when something came to my mind but suddenly, I saw myself sitting doing quotes morning, noon and afternoon. I started to share them on different pictures that matched the quotes. Then I started to share my quotes with the world. I thought that if they could help me on my journey and help me stay true to myself and to live my life from the inside - they could help others. This is how I started creating my quotes.

Recently I meet Camilla Simonsen through network… and one day Camilla asked me if I would help share my quotes on her bags. Camilla had also started working with quotes and had noticed me and my quotes. The idea was that these quotes should be useful and help others. Now on various products that are used on a daily basis and that can serve as support in everyday life.

I was in doubt at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. We have only just begun and I look forward to seeing how this initiative will develop.


Best regards, 

Camilla Clausen
Love Coach & Mindset Mentor